It's been a year since TOP FLOOR at WELLINGTON got off the ground (so to speak...). We can't quite believe how quickly the year has gone and how much fun it has been. When we first started TOP FLOOR at WELLINGTON, we did so on the back of quitting our day jobs, and (happily!) our PhD's. 

We always loved Chippendale's creative precinct, and for a long time have been part of this community as artists. But we wanted to leave the close confines of academia, and be more involved locally, working with like-minded creatives. Through opening TOP FLOOR at WELLINGTON, we have have been excited to meet the diverse range of people who've fallen in love with our unique warehouse space. We've been able to watch our small business grow with our clients' needs; to fit the uses of photographers, film makers, sound artists, fashion labels, political start-ups, corporate development, offsite meetings and workshops. We're pretty proud of what we've accomplished, and thrilled with the nice people we've met.

One of the things that we didn't anticipate when starting TOP FLOOR at WELLINGTON was the support that we would get from local businesses. There are a lot of people like us, who are growing a small business and engaging in the local community. And to that end we would like to do a big thank you to; Rye Resort, GET UP, Brickfields, Greenpeace, Ms Amy Farrell, Wellington Street Projects, Scouts Honour, Acting World, Jackie Mostek, Electrofringe, Shannon Malone Fashion, Harriet Body, Crossing Threads, g.nancy, Houzz Australia, Sydney Biennale, and everyone else in between.

2017 is shaping up to be another great year, the warehouse is looking as beautiful as ever, the view is still breathtaking, and our clients think so too. We are looking forward to working with you all again, and hope the festive season doesn't leave too many sore heads.

 Have a great holiday period!  

With love from Deb, Emily, & Dora