TOP FLOOR at WELLINGTON gets a rescue cat!

Dora Carrington

You might have already met the TOP FLOOR warehouse cat, her name is DORA CARRINGTON (and yes, that's after the amazing English painter, thank-you for asking...) and she is a rescue cat that has become part of the TOP FLOOR family. She is from the Cat Protection Society who were wonderful people and loved Dora nearly as much as us. 

Dora Carrington loves the natural light of our warehouse studio space and has managed to sneak into a few photography shoots (only when welcomed of course!). She's settling in very well and mostly likes to eat and sleep. 

Her favourite hobby is to wander out onto the roof. We were told that before TOP FLOOR, she had never been outside, so we imagine that on the rooftop looking at the spectacular view, she is the closest she has been to her primal animal self. 

She will probably like you more than she likes us.